Team members

Sandra Araújo

Executive Director of EAPN Portugal. Responsible for the national coordination/management of Opportunities project and the coordination at national level of the WP 6 and 7.

Paula Cruz

Policy officer in the research and projects office of EAPN Portugal. It will be in a first phase responsible for the preparation of the cross talks and support the project management at national/transnational level in collaboration with Sandra.

EAPN PT is a network whose main purpose is to fight poverty and social exclusion, and privileges information, training and research as key areas of action.

In 2017 EAPN PT started a national activity with the objective of identifying a set of narratives of experiences in the reception and inclusion of refugees. Annually EAPN Portugal promotes an intercultural week that aims to raise awareness among all citizens about the importance of building a more just, equal and intercultural society. EAPN develops a permanent work with minorities, specially Roma and develops activities related to the fight against discrimination of vulnerable groups (like migrants).

In 2019 EAPN was partner in the REGAL project where they work with migrant women.